(ultrasound waves to reach cells for a deep cleanse) - Included in all Facials

Galvanic ION +/-  
(Deep Serum Infuser, positive for penetration on serums and negative for desincrustation) - Included in all Facials

Micro-Current (Face-lift and muscle training)-$15
LED Light Therapy, Blue, Red, Green- $15 Each

Red Light 
(Wavelength 625+/-3nm (18 LEDs)
 Brightens and evens the skin tone. Proliferates collagen protein and diminishes the appearance of fine lines

and wrinkles. Tightens, firms and repairs damaged skin. An excellent repairing and anti-ageing treatment
Blue Light
(Wavelength 465+/-3nm (18 LEDs) 
Kills bacterium from within the skin whilst diminishing inflammation and preventing acne and breakouts.
Green Light
(Wavelength 525+/-3nm (18 LEDs) 
Calms and balances the skin tone, this can help to break down and prevent uneven melanin (pigment) production.

An excellent treatment that leaves the skin even and bright, whilst calming the skin

and stimulating the lymphatic drainage system.

Skin Care Treatments


Safe, non-invasive procedure for resurfacing the skin using a direct beam of crystals. Known as the "lunch time peel" this exciting procedure can be used to treat acne, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage.

​30 min $75 55 min $100
3 (30 min) Sessions $180 3 (55 min) Sessions $270
6 (30 min) Sessions $300  6 (55 min) Sessions $480

Vitalize Peel

APPROPRIATE FOR: Mild to moderate skin imperfections
PURPOSESmooth the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and roughness
RESULTS: Noticeable results after just one peel, compelling results after three to six peels

Single Session 30 min $125        3 Sessions 30 min $297        6 Sessions 30 min $450

​For Optimal Results - Post Procedure Kit
Sensitive Skin Cleanser, Restorative Ointment, INS Ceramide Treatment Cream, & Sunscreen SPF 30.
With the purchase of a single peel $125 With the purchased of 3 sessions  $99 With the purchase of 6 sessions $85

Deluxe Oxygen Facial -$125  60 mins
Enjoy the benefit of oxygen being infused directly in the skin's pores.

Oxygen encourages the growth of new skin cells and collagen.

Very healing, improves skin tone and reduces blemishes while treating fine lines and wrinkles.

(includes double cleanse, light exfoliation, light extractions,

oxygen infusion, mask, shoulder/arm massage, serum, moisturizer and spf)

Cranberry Turnover Peel
Series peel designed to heal blemished skin as well as resurface

and refine skin and pores.
45 mins
1 session - $65
Series of 3 sessions- $175
Series of 6 sessions- $330

Eye Treatment

Treatment minimizes fine lines, puffiness and lack of skin tone.


3 Step Lip Treatment