Blissed By Stones
Full body massage using warm heated stones throughout the body to melt away tension and stress

50 mins

Pumpkin Glow Facial

An antioxidant treatment that brightens and rejuvenates.  Smooths the skin leaving it with a radiant glow.

(Double cleanse, should/arm massage, light extractions, serum, moisturizer, and spf)

30 mins


Safe, non-invasive procedure for resurfacing the skin using a direct beam of crystals, this exciting procedure can be used to treat acne, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage.
30 mins

Brow & Bikini Wax

30 mins

Deluxe Oxygen Facial


Enjoy the benefit of oxygen being infused directly in the skin's pores.  Oxygen encourages the growth of new skin cells and collagen.  Very healing, improves skin tone and reduces blemishes while treating fine lines and wrinkles.

(includes double cleanse, light exfoliation, light extractions, oxygen infusion, mask, shoulder/arm massage, serum, moisturizer and spf)

60 mins

$50 Services

*Start booking on March 20th for the week of April 17th - 23rd*